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old_piano_man old_piano_man

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This kept my attention throughout the entire track, and that's rarely accomplished on NG. Props to you sir. Very well mastered, very well put together.

Only critiques would be:
1. The piano intro makes the song sound childish up until the dub... You could have made the track sound a lot cooler up until that point.
2. Some very strange sounds mixed in with the dub that didn't quite go with the overall flow.

Otherwise brilliant.

Squarion responds:

Thanks see i normally make trance so im kinda noob at dubstep/glitch hop. very much appreciated

Ravign - Happy Dubstep Ravign - Happy Dubstep

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not a bad first song by any means, the clipping is definitely an issue however. If it was mastered correctly I feel it'd be something worth having at the top of the charts.

PS: Scouted ya, you should be good to go to submit more work. Good luck and welcome to (the audio portion of) NG! :)

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Cyrman responds:

Thank you, I know about the issues, I'm looking into remastering this actually. If you want to, go ahead :)

Lone X - Remember Lone X - Remember

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

From a fellow dubstep artist, respect.

Great work son.

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Lone-X responds:

I really appreciate that, thanks man!

Peace and love,
Lone X

The One For You(Tomorrow) The One For You(Tomorrow)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well done sir, well done.

Friday Fox - P.H.U.A.T.A Friday Fox - P.H.U.A.T.A

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy piss... dude.

This is incredible.

Intro was flawless. "Please hang up and try again"... way too cool. My only criticisms would be it's a bit repetitive in terms of no real transitioning effects were implemented. Also, the mastering could have been a bit better as I could hear the basses in all the different VSTs conflicting with eachother... Dubstep is so hard to master too, so respect man. This is awesome.

Xenophobic Xenophobic

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's pretty neat actually,

The beginning arp is a good way to start the song for sure. Perhaps try applying a filter or stronger filter to it to give it some variance.

1:20 - The synth popping in now and again adds further flavour to the piece. Very well written.

1:34 - The completes the song in my opinion. It definitely gives it the video game feel. However, at 1:47, the notes are severely out of tune. They're out of tune again at 2:07. And at progressively different parts of the song as well. Whatever notes being used at those times either aren't apart of the scale youre writing in, or they're chorded wrong.

Overall - pretty decent track :) Just gotta work out a few kinks here and there and you'll be good to go. I can definitely picture this in some type of arcade game!

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Neon-Bard responds:

First off I would like to say, thank you for the review. :)

I really appreciate it when I get important feedback like this. Listening to 1:47 now makes me cringe a little, I'm really glad you pointed that out. I must have had my head in the clouds when I recorded those notes. :P I think part of it came from the fact that I was trying to allow room for an upper octave there, and well, the result was this.

Once again, thanks for the comments, I'll improve the song and hopefully it will turn out better than the original.

Release The Demons: Tainted Release The Demons: Tainted

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

God that buildup at the beginning..

Sent me on a mad search of where I heard that before.

Then I found it, nearly at the end of the list of premade songs in FL's "Cool Stuff" folder. Fall Silently by Toby Emerson and Christoph Maitland Featuring Veela. So the buildups aren't yours, and bass sound that chimes in at 00:10, 00:18, 00:25, and so on is not yours. The melody the synth at 1:32 plays is also not yours as it's copying the base from the original song about 95% correctly. So I minus points for originality.

But I give you points on attempting to make this into some type of dubstep song, mostly because I'm learning the genre myself, and it's a tough one to learn. Usually dubstep beats are half as fast as trance beats, so when you want to make a transition to wobbles, try changing up the beat.

All in all, this song isn't very original, but it's not half bad. However it needs a major overhaul. :) Good luck to you on your future music, I know you can create something great, now get to it!


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demonrunner23 responds:

lol yea i got fl from scratch n just remixed Fall Silently by Toby Emerson and Christoph Maitland Featuring Veela in a few minutes n i kinda liked it.

Neon Black V 0.1 Neon Black V 0.1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Holy smokes there's a lot going on in this song,

The volume is clipping like a mo-fo, the guitar was incredibly off key, and the drums are really repetitive.

Oh god, more guitar (00:40)

I'll admit the only reason I clicked on this song was because it had the word "Neon" in it, and I used to own one of those. Haha.

Please don't try and sell this. But rather work to make it into something great. :) I know you must have the talent somewhere!

acrios90 responds:

Thanks For the Review.
Do you think Changing the guitar to another Instrument that is less powering will help. (And maybe revising the notes a bit? I am still a beginner and I am up for any advise!

Secret Valentine (Cover) Secret Valentine (Cover)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love piano,

And what you did here, sir, is brilliant. When the guitar and drums kicked in that brought the song to a whole new level. This is really good. Perhaps a bit too simplistic for my tastes (but maybe that's because there's no vocals). Everything about this piece is written perfectly, it's way too often I catch off-key note after off-key note is some peoples music... and that just sends my ears screaming for the hills. The only off key note I noticed in this song was at 2:27. Whatever that note is, it just isn't working, haha.

I strongly suggest getting some vocals for this, if you ever do contact me so I can DL and fav the song!


PS: I love the outro to this song as well. Great job man.

bigbeek responds:

I know this is extremely laaaaate hahahah x) but thanks for the review I actually did finish this tune I just never uploaded If you do want a final copy just PM a message and i'll shoot you a mediafire link to the final!

161280 161280

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like your style,

I feel as if the sounds are somewhat low quality, because whatever that sound is at the beginning is making my speakers do weird things, but I'm sure that can be fixed with a little tuning. I wouldn't really know where to place this in terms of genre, all I know is I like it.

Try working a bit more with effects and evening out the different volumes. (Mastering). With that said, I'll continue and saying: keep it up champ! I like your work!